BVI Volunteers Medical Team Offers Needed Relief

One of our top priorities in this first week after Hurricane Irma has been to respond to the BVI health authorities' urgent call for trained medical personnel. Throughout the week we gathered volunteers, organized their data files, and coordinated with Dr. Georges at Peebles Hospital to collaborate and streamline the process of bringing in the needed relief.

The next step was to identify and secure both an external team leader and a point person on the ground in the BVI. Jeremy Holleb and Christine Perakis have stepped up to take on these roles, respectively. They will manage communications with the team of over 40 volunteer medical professionals from around the world -- with more coming in every day! Together with Dr. Georges they will schedule and stage the physicians, surgeons, nurses, dentists, and first responders as required.

Please join us in extending a warm and extremely grateful welcome to our entire medical team. Together we can do this! #BVIstrong